Odysseus and the Minotaur

After reading the playscript Odysseus and the Minotaur, as Year 6 writers, we set our skills on writing our own playscripts linking to Greek Mythology. In spite of this genre being especially challenging, we were able to produce some outstanding work which we then rehearsed, practiced and performed to the rest of the class in our own West End Production.

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Musical Notation

This term in Year 6, we have been putting our understanding of basic musical notation to the test by applying our knowledge to read and play music on the keyboards.

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Anglo-Saxon Court Room

As part of our history topic this term, we converted our classroom into an Anglo-Saxon court room in which we debated the innocence of given criminals. From this, the prosecutors decided their fate often leading to gruesome punishments.

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West End’s Star Bakers!

To complete our DT topic, the children in Year 6 turned into expert bakers for the day by transforming their designs into delicious bread. Working in small groups, the children had to apply their maths skills and creative designs to be crowned West End’s star bakers.

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As part of our trip to Armley Mills, the children in Year 6 were taken back in time to 1940 in the middle of World War 2. During our visit, the children (who had now become evacuees) learnt what life would have been like for children their age all those years ago.

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Young Leaders Award

Through our work with Leeds United Foundation, the children in Year 6 have been working towards the Young Leaders Award. The children have been using their leadership and communication skills to plan and deliver their own games. After only a few lessons, our children are showing excellent leadership qualities.

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Revelation Natural Art

This term in Year 6, we have been looking at different pieces of art linking to our history topic of WW2. In order to help us recreate these famous pieces of art, we have been using a software called Revelation Natural Art – I can’t wait to see our final outcomes.

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Top of the Pops

The children in Year 6 are preparing well for their end-of-year performance, ‘Top of the Pops: West End Style’.  They have been working hard to learn all of the songs and dance routines from the 1940’s all the way to the current day. This week, they wowed the school during their rehearsal and are now excited to share their creation with their parents and carers.

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National Science and Media Museum

As part of our science topic ‘light’, the children recently visited the National Science and Media museum. During the visit, they explored the Wonderlab and also took part in a mad science show. During the show, they looked at investigating light refraction and an endoscope. The children enjoyed developing their knowledge by getting hands-on and taking part in the show. A special mention to Brandon for allowing us to explore the bacteria living in his mouth as part of the show!


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How Light Travels

As part of our science topic, light, the children used the given equipment to try and figure out how light travels. They recognised that by placing the card in a line and punching a hole into it, the light would travel in straight lines.  The children worked hard to do some great investigative learning.

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