Team 17 gamers

This week, the children had a really exciting and educational visit from a creative director, Kevin Carthew, from Team 17. Kevin very kindly visited and explained to the children the different roles that are involved when creating a game. The children were able to find out about producers, game artists and programmers amongst others. This showed the children how there is a role to suit everybody when creating games. Kevin then looked at the games the children had created using Kodu and gave them some really useful feedback. He then chose to award Reuben, Samuel, Grace and Libby with certificates for their achievements. Well done! The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and they were able to see the real-life connection between their computing lessons and how they could apply the skills they had learnt in the future. Thank you to Team 17 for allowing this opportunity to happen.

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The Deep

As part of our Australia and Oceania topic, the children visited The Deep to find out all about habitats and animals within it. The children really enjoyed their day and came back to school with lots of useful knowledge we can use in our future lessons. During the visit, the children took part in a coral reef workshop. During this, they were able to get up-close to different types of reef and also looked at food chains. The children were complemented on their excellent knowledge and enthusiasm for learning.


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School Budget

This week, the children have been looking into our school budget and using the data to then draw their own pie charts and also create them on the computer. Initially, the children predicted that the school received between £400 and £1.5 million per year. Many were shocked to find out the true amount. Even more so, when they found out the school spent the most on the teaching staff. The children really enjoyed the lesson and now have a much better understanding of how our school spends money.

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Mean – Usain Bolt

In maths, we have been learning about what the ‘mean’ is.  All of our work has to be focused on whether we could beat Usain Bolt’s 100m average race time. To do this, the children first calculated the mean average of his race time and also his competitors.  The children then used a sprinting game on the iPads to see what their 100m score would be. They repeated this 5 times, worked out the mean and then compared with their partner. Unfortunately, no one in Year 6 managed to beat Bolt – he is just too quick! We will keep persevering!

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Mirror Contrasting

In Indoor PE this half-term, the children have been learning about how they can show mirroring, contrasting and matching through their body positions. Whilst learning about this, the children have helped each other by doing peer assessment to give guidance on how they can perfectly match their partner. This has been quite a tricky skill, especially when you cannot see each other! The children have really enjoyed learning about this and we have also been able to recap some of our maths skills.

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Armley Mills

As part of our World War 2 topic, the children in Year 6 had the opportunity to visit Armley Mills to take part in an evacuee role play workshop.  All the children came to school dressed as evacuees and made a brilliant effort. They also took on a person of  a WW2 child. Whilst on our visit, the children learnt what happened during this time and even learnt a gas mask drill.

A wonderful time was had by all!

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Bread making with Warburtons

Last week, the children were given an exciting opportunity to bake bread along side Warburtons. The children learnt about the history of Warburtons, learnt top tips for food hygiene and discussed foods that would keep them healthy.  Afterwards, the children were given dough to knead and they created their own shapes.  It all looked and smelt very tasty!

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Geography Fieldwork

The children in Year 6 had the opportunity to carry out geography fieldwork. The purpose of this fieldwork was to find out what the different types of land are in Hemsworth. Back in class, the children have then used the correct terminology to label their sketch maps.  The results of the upcoming  geography work will be to work out whether Hemsworth would have been suitable for and evacuee in WW2.

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