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Charles Waterton

The children in Year 6 had a visitor recently from Wakefield Museum to tell us all about who Charles Waterton was. The children really enjoyed learning about his life and how things he investigated have influenced modern life today. The children were able to get hands on during this session and were able to recall lots of facts by the end. We now have a better understanding behind the name of our trust!

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The Deep

As part of the children’s learning about Oceania in Geography, year 6 recently visited The Deep. Whilst there, the children took part in a workshop all about coral reef and the locations it is found in. The children were encouraged to be hands-on in investigating whether the coral was real or fake. They also looked at how coral is a major part in food chains. The children enjoyed their visit and were able to bring facts back to school to help enhance their learning in the classroom further.

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Inherited Characteristics

In science, Year 6 have been learning about inherited characteristics. To begin with the children brought photographs from home to see if they could spot any family resemblance. They then decided to conduct research into whether there is a link between hair colour and eye colour. To do this, they collected data from a range of classes in school. They then task of analysing the data and explaining any pattern they had found. Blonde hair and blue eyes was very popular in our school.

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Show not Tell

The children in Year 6 have been working really hard to build cohesion and making sure they are showing the reader rather than telling them with their writing. We have had great success whilst writing narrative based upon the book, ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’. The children have looked in depth at the character’s viewpoint and as a result have been able to produce some excellent writing. The photographs show the progress Amelia has made since starting in September and now in January.

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Armley Mills Visit

As part of our history topic ‘World War 2’, the children recently experienced visiting Armley Mills to take part in workshops as though they were evacuees. The children really looked the part as they were dressed in 1940’s clothing. The children were able to take part in a WW2 classroom role play with their new teacher ‘Miss Green’. They learnt what to do if there was a siren and where they would be travelling to as evacuees.

In the afternoon, the children then took part in a home-front workshop where they learnt all about everyday life during the war, including rations and how to wash their clothes. The children really enjoyed this visit and learnt lots from it.

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Warburtons Visit

As part of our DT topic ‘bread’, the children had a special visitor from Warburtons into school. The children learnt all about the history of bread and how it is mass produced. They then had the opportunity to knead and shape their own bread. The children put lots of effort in and they looked fantastic (and also smelt delicious!) I can’t wait to see how they use their new knowledge and skills when designing their own bread and baking their own creations.


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Times Tables Rock Stars

The children this week have been exploring a new app ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’. This is to help the children with their quick recall of multiplication and division facts. So far, the children are enjoying playing this game and their engagement with maths is great to see. The rock stars with the highest scores so far include: Thomas, Danika, Devin Blake and Brandon. The children will continue to play this at home.

Well done for the great effort!

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Improving Communication Skills

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Forthcoming Performance

The children are excitedly making last minute amendments to their forthcoming performance of Cinderella and Rockerfella. The children have been making sure their voices are loud and clear. They can’t wait to show the school and their families. Make sure you don’t miss this wonderful performance!

Sneak peak of behind the scenes picture.

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Fairtrade products

As part of our global trade topic in geography, the children have been learning about Fairtrade. The children were set an investigation task to find out whether Fairtrade products cost more than other products. To find this information out, the children visited Tesco in Hemsworth to conduct some research. Whilst there, the children found out that they do cost more. Year 6 finished their task by taste testing different Fairtrade products. They all enjoyed trying the chocolate and bananas! The children will now conduct further analysis back in the classroom.

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