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Warburtons Visit

As part of our DT topic ‘bread’, the children had a special visitor from Warburtons into school. The children learnt all about the history of bread and how it is mass produced. They then had the opportunity to knead and shape their own bread. The children put lots of effort in and they looked fantastic (and also smelt delicious!) I can’t wait to see how they use their new knowledge and skills when designing their own bread and baking their own creations.


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Times Tables Rock Stars

The children this week have been exploring a new app ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’. This is to help the children with their quick recall of multiplication and division facts. So far, the children are enjoying playing this game and their engagement with maths is great to see. The rock stars with the highest scores so far include: Thomas, Danika, Devin Blake and Brandon. The children will continue to play this at home.

Well done for the great effort!

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Improving Communication Skills

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Forthcoming Performance

The children are excitedly making last minute amendments to their forthcoming performance of Cinderella and Rockerfella. The children have been making sure their voices are loud and clear. They can’t wait to show the school and their families. Make sure you don’t miss this wonderful performance!

Sneak peak of behind the scenes picture.

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Fairtrade products

As part of our global trade topic in geography, the children have been learning about Fairtrade. The children were set an investigation task to find out whether Fairtrade products cost more than other products. To find this information out, the children visited Tesco in Hemsworth to conduct some research. Whilst there, the children found out that they do cost more. Year 6 finished their task by taste testing different Fairtrade products. They all enjoyed trying the chocolate and bananas! The children will now conduct further analysis back in the classroom.

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National Science and Media Museum

As part of our science topic on light, the children in Year 6 visited the National Science and Media museum this week.

During the visit, the children got to explore and investigate light in a range of ways. Firstly, they took part in a science light show and were able to see how a miniature sun would explode.  They also looked at how light is used to see inside our bodies. Afterwards, the children visited the Wonderlab where they went into the mirror maze and also investigated UV light amongst other things. The children really enjoyed the hands-on science.

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Torch for FIFA World Cup

This term, the children have started a new DT project. They are learning how to make their own torches.  This is linked to the FIFA World Cup as each child had been given a participating country which they will then need to use as part of their design. In their first lesson, the children investigated how torches look different and can be used for a range of purposes. In the next lesson, they will work out how to create a circuit for inside the torch.

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Team 17 gamers

This week, the children had a really exciting and educational visit from a creative director, Kevin Carthew, from Team 17. Kevin very kindly visited and explained to the children the different roles that are involved when creating a game. The children were able to find out about producers, game artists and programmers amongst others. This showed the children how there is a role to suit everybody when creating games. Kevin then looked at the games the children had created using Kodu and gave them some really useful feedback. He then chose to award Reuben, Samuel, Grace and Libby with certificates for their achievements. Well done! The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and they were able to see the real-life connection between their computing lessons and how they could apply the skills they had learnt in the future. Thank you to Team 17 for allowing this opportunity to happen.

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The Deep

As part of our Australia and Oceania topic, the children visited The Deep to find out all about habitats and animals within it. The children really enjoyed their day and came back to school with lots of useful knowledge we can use in our future lessons. During the visit, the children took part in a coral reef workshop. During this, they were able to get up-close to different types of reef and also looked at food chains. The children were complemented on their excellent knowledge and enthusiasm for learning.


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School Budget

This week, the children have been looking into our school budget and using the data to then draw their own pie charts and also create them on the computer. Initially, the children predicted that the school received between £400 and £1.5 million per year. Many were shocked to find out the true amount. Even more so, when they found out the school spent the most on the teaching staff. The children really enjoyed the lesson and now have a much better understanding of how our school spends money.

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